March 30th, 2010

Eat. Drink. Rock and Roll.

Or... we're going to have ourselves a dirty Easter!

Last year, at Eastertime, I didn't go home to visit my family. With exams approaching it just wasn't worth the trip. I, instead, was invited to the dirty basement Easter of a good friend of mine: Alison Casey (who happens to be awesome, and also girlfriend of my pal Scott!). We ate a turkey log in the basement, and watched rookie of the year. It was pretty sweet.

This year, we're going to out do it.

Friday, I am hoping the bus to Toronto, for a weekend of seafood, rock and roll and boozing out.

There's a monsters of rock coverband on Friday night, and we're going to rock that place hard. We will also rock that liquor hard. Prior to the bar, we'll be having a delicious meal of seafood. CRABS LEGS! Very few people share the intense love of demolishing crabs and eating their succulent meat, but Ali might just out do me. No matter what, it's going to be a kick ass night.

Saturday, we're returning to our favorite pub on Bloor Street: MacKenzie's. This place has a habit of under charging us for beer. One evening we had about a dozen strongbows each (apple cider for the unknowning) and a number of them didn't find their way onto our bills.


I think a stop at the Yellow Griffon Pub for some delicious burgers, and Dr. G's for some delicious stuffed French Toast will be in order too.

Oh, and the weather is going to be above seasonal. And I mean almost tropical.

So look the fuck out Toronto!