Carson Raycraft (craft) wrote,
Carson Raycraft

Awe-Inspiring and Minty Fresh

Hey, this still exists!

In honour of St. Patrick's Day (and the Minty Fresh Shamrock Shakes... you should get one today) I have decided to update everyone as to what their favorite anthropologist/historian/web designer/systems analyst/loan shark/retail expert/sharepoint slave/lumberjack/alcoholic is doing.

I am typing in livejournal. Type type type type.

I'm also getting old, apparently. The realization that a friend of mine whom I have known for over a decade now (frightening) is 6 weeks away from fatherhood. Another couple already has a child of 13 months. I remain practically alone among the non-married/non-engage folks.

It's like, when you were a kid, and someone asked you what you wanted to be and you were like "iunno".

I'm saying "iunno" right now. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a Ghostbuster. Guess that didn't pan out. I wanted to be an astronaut too, until I watched the Columbia Shuttle Launch in my kitchen. Palaeontology was an interest for a long while, as was Archaeology. And History. Now? I'm sorta bouncing, wanting to attach myself to something I can LOVE doing. And that can pay the bills. The overlap in that venn diagram is less then the "Times Carson is Truly Happy" and "Times Carson is Wearing Pants" Venn Diagram. I guess I'll just go with the flow though.

I'm also going to point out that yesterday was the 10th Anniversary of "Doggy". If you know It Hurts To Be That Stupid, then you know Doggy.

...And most anyone who still has me as a friend on this thing probably does.

Happy St. Patrick's Day from the Awe-Inspiring Minty Fresh One!
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